The departments that operate within Lake County employ many professionals who work to serve our residents to the best of their ability. These employees are highly skilled at protecting the public, providing assistance during emergencies, and ensuring complete safety on the roads.


Sheriff's Department

The Lake County Sheriff's Department is responsible for keeping the peace, patrolling the county roads, preventing crime, and making arrests as well as for the handling and return of civil process, among many other things.

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Emergency Management

The Lake County Emergency Management Director is responsible for preparing and implementing emergency response plans and procedures for natural disasters, accidents, and other scenarios.

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Highway Department

The Lake County Highway Department oversees the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges to ensure overall safety and efficiency within the county infrastructure.

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The Agriculture Department of Lake County is an outreach branch of the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture, which provides research-based solutions and information to the citizens of Tennessee.

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Office on Aging

Our Office on Aging works in partnership with other community agencies, organizations, and businesses to provide access to an array of opportunities for older adults to stay safe, active, and healthy while our Senior centers in Lake County connect older adults to vital community services that can help them stay healthy and independent.

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