Founded in 1870, Lake County is located in the Northwest corner of Tennessee and has a population of about 7,000. Its county seat is Tiptonville. Agriculture, in particular the farming of cotton and soybeans, has contributed to its overall livelihood, and the area is home to several Tennessee Century farms.

Tourism also fuels its economy, thanks to Reelfoot Lake State Park, Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuge, and the annual Reelfoot Arts and Crafts festival.


Sinova Silicon
Sinova Global, a silicon metal supplier, has already broken ground in Tiptonville and is expected to complete its facility by 2024. Construction on the facility will provide between 250 and 400 jobs while the manufacturing plant, itself, will be bringing in roughly 140 new jobs.


Lake County's elementary, middle, and high schools provide continuous education from Kindergarten through 12 grade.

Margaret Newton Elementary

Lara Kendall Elementary

Lake County High School

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